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Pictured above; the beautiful Catie Mae "Would you LOOK at those lines?! Her KNEES! Beautiful!!" Lines…a HOT topic in the circus world, and something we ALL care about! If your knees don’t straighten all the way, or are just barely straight, you

Featuring Janelle Dinosaurs OUCH. ​Imagine this familiar moment:  you’re in an aerial/stretching/acrobatics class, and a student is trying a new skill. “Ow!” they say, “that hurts!” ​ This scene is the root of a series of several articles Janelle Dinosaurs and I are writing together

Featuring Lindsay Culbert-Olds (@lco91), Photo by Warren Zelman What does current performing arts culture tell us about muscle soreness? Aches and pains? Bruises, burns, and rope rash?  “CIRCUS HURTS.” “Train through it.” “Tears are for home, not circus” “Here, have some circus candy (advil/ibuprofen).”  These are all common "circus-isms"

Featuring Lindsay Culbert-Olds and Kia-Melinda Eastman (, photo byYolanta Birkhāne ​“ARMS UP! NOW, DRAW YOUR SHOULDER BLADES DOWN AND BACK! ENGAGE YOUR SHOULDER MUSCLES!” How many times have you heard this verbal cue in the context of circus arts, yoga, pilates, or dance? I

AERIALIST: SOPHIE GODWIN, PHOTO BY RAYMOND RUDOLPH   WHY ARE HIP FLEXORS SO STUBBORN?? If you’re a circus artist concerned with improving flexibility, you probably whine and complain about your stubborn hip flexors on a semi-regular basis.  Why are they so tight?? Why does hip