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Featuring Janelle Dinosaurs OUCH. ​Imagine this familiar moment:  you’re in an aerial/stretching/acrobatics class, and a student is trying a new skill. “Ow!” they say, “that hurts!” ​ This scene is the root of a series of several articles Janelle Dinosaurs and I are writing together

Photo by Amourpropre Photography; Featuring Mark Keahi  and Jen Crane My last post discussed the basics of latissimus dorsi anatomy, mechanics, and how you know if your lats are an issue in your circus training.  I also shared my favorite test to

Every aerialist I know has a love-hate relationship with their lats. We love how they help us scale a 10-meter silk, we hate how they make clothes shopping SO difficult.  An aerialist  (who shall remain nameless) once told me "Its