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Active Splits



This on-demand, 3-week courses are for anyone who wants to improve their active flexibility, but has limited time in their week to dedicate to training!

Here’s what to expect from this course:

  • Every week for 3 weeks, you’ll get access to a brand new active flexibility program: a downloadable PDF with photos and descriptions of each drill, as well as a full exercise library containing instructional videos of each drill in the program. Each video contains progressions, regressions, proper technique, and intent of every exercise– so you understand exactly what it is and WHY it’s included! 
  • Each week’s routine will take you 25-40 minutes to complete, and your goal is to do it TWICE that week. 
  • You will have access to course materials FOREVER — the intent is for you to jump-start your training with these three weekly programs, and then have all the tools needed to continue your journey after the course is over. 


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