Skype Sessions



For circus artists who are NOT currently injured, but want to optimize injury prevention and performance enhancement on your apparatus. This consult is appropriate for those who want to explore potential causes for “blocks” in progression in training, discuss limitations to flexibility, or questions regarding what is or isn’t “normal” training discomfort. You MAY have routine “aches and pains” that do not interfere with your training, but if you are injured, this consult is not for you!

The following will be included in the 60 minute Skype consultation:

  • Detailed medical history, injury history, and circus/apparatus history
  • Review of current training plan
  • General and specific movement screen
  • Assessment of motor control, flexibility (active and end-range control), and range of motion.
  • Comprehensive analysis of findings and suggestions for modification of training for optimal injury prevention and performance enhancement

After the initial evaluation, you will receive an electronic copy of your specific prescribed rehabilitation exercises, with photos, descriptions, and detailed instructions with respect to warm up, cool down, and supplemental conditioning and flexibility exercises.

**It is important to note that Telehealth laws in the US dictate that a physical therapist cannot evaluate and treat injuries if they are not licensed in the state the client resides in. As such, this Skype consultation is technically, and legally, considered a “wellness” or “patient education” visit- which IS within the legal scope of physiotherapists across state and country lines. Please contact me if you you are unsure if you qualify for a skype session.**


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