Social Justice

Anti-oppression Statement

One of the primary goals of Cirque Physio is to advance the field of performance medicine — for ALL bodies, races,  and identities. The world – including our performing arts bubble – is rife with inequity and oppression. My goal is to promote equity and social justice by fostering a safe, inclusive, welcoming, and uplifting online space for all bodies, races, gender identities, abilities, gender expressions, and sexual orientations.

The performing arts and healthcare industries are deeply embedded in many systems of white supremacy and ableism, which have contributed to on-going racism, toxic fitness and performing arts culture, and inequitable access for disabled folks as well as Black people, indigenous people, and people of color (BIPOC).

Systems of oppression like white supremacy and ableism are deeply embedded in the performing arts & healthcare industries. Their effects are multifaceted, and are demonstrated in many arenas within these industries:
  • they are evident in on-going racism within these communities, 
  • they are demonstrated in toxic fitness and performing arts’ culture, 
  • and they also create and perpetuate  barriers to access for disabled folks, Black people, Indigenous people, and other people of colour (BIPOC).
I am committed to ongoing learning about how racism, ableism, and oppression of marginalized folks affects their access to healthcare and their participation in performing arts, and I commit to continuous integration of this knowledge into action items for my company to continue fighting oppression. 

Black lives matter:

I wholeheartedly support the Black Lives Matter movement.

LGBTQ+ and gender-nonconforming rights matter:

I actively support and advocate for my LGBTQ+ and gender-nonconforming family, and am committed to continuing the fight for their basic human rights.

Inclusivity and Accessibility matters:

I am actively working to make Cirque Physio a safe and accessible space for:

  • Artists, athletes, and movers of ALL sizes;
  • For artists, athletes, and movers who are disabled (visibly or invisibly),
  • For members of the d/Deaf & hard of hearing communities,
  • And for artists, athletes, and movers who are anywhere along the spectrum of neurodivergence.

Action Items

Cirque Physio Anti-Oppression Implementation Strategies:

Implementation of an anti-oppression policy needs to happen on two levels:

  • At the organizational level, by applying the values of the policy to organizational structures and practices of my company; and 
  • Personally, through a commitment from myself and everyone who works with me to further their own appreciation, analysis and commitment to the issues of anti-oppression work.

Organizational strategies Within Cirque Physio:

  • We commit time for discussion and reflection on discrimination and oppression and continually evaluates whether or not these goals are being met and how we can do better;
  • We promote an anti-oppression message and analysis in everything we do;
  • Our hiring practice prioritizes inclusivity, representation, and shared values;
  • We consistently work to apply principles of anti-oppression to all programs and educational content;
  • We commit to creating opportunities for all involved in the company, as well as my students, to improve their understanding of institutionalized oppression and to develop the skills to speak out about these issues;
  • We make a collective commitment to hold people accountable for their behavior to foster a safe and nurturing environment;
  • We are conscious of how use of language may perpetuate oppression;

Cirque Physio makes regular monthly donations to organizations that support these values and goals.

Personal strategies:

  • I constantly challenge myself to be receptive to feedback and promote open dialogue; and take risks to address different forms of oppression head on;
  • When witnessing or experiencing an abuse of power or oppression, I commit to interrupting and addressing the behavior, even when it is uncomfortable;
  • I constantly work to promote an environment that encourages people to take the responsibility for their behavior;
  • I am mindful of and purposeful with using power in a way that empowers others and fulfills my mission.
  • I prioritize purchasing goods and services from businesses owned by BIPOC, gender-nonconforming, and LGBTQ+ folks;
  • I regularly donate to people and organizations supporting the anti-oppression of marginalized and intersectional communities. 
  • I will continue to be consistent and constantly growing in these commitments, and to work actively to promote equity and social justice within the healthcare and performing arts community.

Mission & Core Values

Empower and Educate Performing Artists

  • Equip performing artists with the knowledge and tools needed to optimize training & performance while mitigating injury
  • Create educational content & resources that are accessible & actionable for all artists regardless of skill level or educational background
  • Challenge conventional rehab & training approaches in performing arts by providing information that inspires curiosity & shifts perspective

Integrate evidence based concepts from sports medicine into the circus & performing arts worlds

  • Advocate for intersectional equity in healthcare and circus arts
  • Create resources specific to health & wellness-related issues for marginalized  communities within performing arts
  • Leverage my privilege & platform to advocate for over-looked & under-served communities & individuals within healthcare & circus arts.
  •  Continually examine & work to rewire my internal biases to promote equitable treatment & care throughout healthcare & circus arts (and encourage my peers to do the same)

Expand the network of circus-specialized healthcare providers

  • Create continuing education resources for physiotherapists to bridge the gap between entry-level competency and expert evaluation & treatment of the circus artist
  • Mentor physiotherapy students & new graduates who want to sub-specialize in the performing arts
  • Leverage my platform & experience to collaborate with other performing-arts-focused health and wellness professionals both locally & globallya