As a professional acrobat, my work and my life is directly tied to my body, so when I my shoulder started acting up, I was beginning to panic. I came to Jennifer with chronic pain, limited mobility and worries that I wouldn’t be able to perform in an upcoming contract.

Jennifer took the time to understand the complexities of the strain my work puts on my body and her guidance was vital to developing a series of stretches and exercises that is keeping my body in working shape.

Jennifer still checks in regularly and now, a month into the contract I was so nervous about, my shoulder is pain free and working at 100%. It’s been so great to have a therapist that’s willing to really invest the time into fully understanding my body and it’s limitations.

Whether you’re a professional athlete or just dealing with some ‘everyday’ pain, I would trust Jennifer to help you improve your condition.

Daniel S.

Jen’s programs are amazing. I took her Skype sessions and have been doing all the workouts with my regular training. I have seen amazing results, my upper body strength has increased. I can feel the difference in right muscles being engaged. My splits and back bends are getting better. I can really say it has helped my active flexibility. But the biggest change has been my booty. It has changed shape and looks amazing. Thank you Jen!

Krystal A.

Jen is amazing!! I’ve been a gymnast and circus artist since age 11 and my specialty, Aerial Straps, has been so brutal on my shoulders but she has changed EVERYTHING!! The treatment combined with adjustments to my warm-up and cool-down has completely eliminated any pain I felt. The best part is she didn’t tell me to STOP like so many doctors and physical therapists have told me and my fellow performers.

Patrick W.

Jen is a phenomenal PT and one of the very few who understands the needs of circus bodies, minds and hearts.

Janelle D.

Jen is incredibly generous with her time and always willing to answer all my questions! I am so thankful the circus community has her!

Robyn L.

I downloaded several of the active flexibility plans and totally love them! My range has improved so much with adding active stretching to my routine.
All the materials explain in clear terms what the exercises are doing, why and how.
100% recommended.

Suzi-Su V.

A fantastic wealth of knowledge that is so well explained and relevant to circus/aerial. I’ve been following the blog for a while and also bought the Pike Flexibility programme. It’s easy to follow and so well researched that I feel I understand more and more of the intricacies of what I’m asking my body to do.
Simply fantastic!

Jo M.

I ordered the splits program and I’m very happy that i did! It doesn’t have passive stretches which i can’t do because of my gralicis muscle operation. Still I’ve managed to gain mobility even with the operated leg with the program (and with other active stretches) most importantly pain free! Keep up the good work, we need this more!

Saila R.

Taking Cirque Physio’s plans has been a game changer in my stretching journey. I feel far more flexible & strong now than I ever did before. I have been inspired to formally study myofascial release such is my belief in her plans.. I have seen the results! No more spending years randomly stretching with little results – it’s happening. A must for anyone interested in contortions training.

Claire H.

I really appreciated Jen’s professionalism, ease of scheduling, and thoughtful opinions during our assessment. I’ve started the exercises she recommended and hope to have amazing before/after shots soon. In an age when healthcare professionals rush and often dismiss patient’s issues and goals, it’s refreshing to be around someone that actually listens AND is in tune with the aerial community. No more explaining why “bun to butt” is a legitimate and entirely possible to achieve need !  

Colleen J.