Daniel S.

Daniel S.

As a professional acrobat, my work and my life is directly tied to my body, so when I my shoulder started acting up, I was beginning to panic. I came to Jennifer with chronic pain, limited mobility and worries that I wouldn’t be able to perform in an upcoming contract.

Jennifer took the time to understand the complexities of the strain my work puts on my body and her guidance was vital to developing a series of stretches and exercises that is keeping my body in working shape.

Jennifer still checks in regularly and now, a month into the contract I was so nervous about, my shoulder is pain free and working at 100%. It’s been so great to have a therapist that’s willing to really invest the time into fully understanding my body and it’s limitations.

Whether you’re a professional athlete or just dealing with some ‘everyday’ pain, I would trust Jennifer to help you improve your condition.


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