Standardized Rehab Protocol: Chest-masculinizing Top Surgery

This exercise protocol was created by Dr. Jen Crane in collaboration with Dr. Scott Mosser at the Gender Confirmation Center. The primary goal of this protocol is to optimize recovery and functional outcomes after top surgery. It was created specifically for use after chest masculinizing top surgeries, however, many of the exercises can also be used after other types of chest augmentation.

Please note: each patient is different & requires different rehab approaches. This protocol serves primarily as a starting point for patients and their healthcare teams, and is meant to be used under the guidance of surgeons and/or physios.


Top Surgery Recovery: A Case Study

This is a 40+ page case study of a contortionist’s healing, recovery, and return-to-performing following gender-affirming top surgery. It is NOT medical advice, nor is it to be used as a copy-paste protocol for anyone else’s recovery. It is only to be used as an educational resource. It was created by Ess Hödlmoser and Dr. Jen Crane.

Virtual Consult

Virtual Consultations

Dr. Jen Crane offers sliding-scale virtual consultations for those considering, preparing for, or recovering from top surgery. You can read more and schedule here. Please be aware that her availability for these sessions may vary due to seasonal schedule changes. However, her booking system will always be up-to-date with her current availability.