The October InjurVention course is full, but if you'd like to join the waitlist for our next cycle, sign up below!

This deep-dive, small group course is for aerialists & pole dancers who are ready to break the cycle of shoulder injury & re-injury and reclaim a stronger, safer movement practice.

If you’ve ever had a shoulder injury, you know how devastating they are: they truly infiltrate EVERY part of your life, not just (“JUST!”) training.

And sure, there’s tons of information available online, but how do you know what IS and is NOT applicable to you and your specific situation? Because here’s the deal: each injury is unique and requires a thoughtful and systematic approach. It’s not just about figuring out why you got hurt; it’s also about fixing the root cause.

And THAT is exactly why I created Shoulder InjurVention: to help folks who have struggled with recurrent shoulder issues transform their seemingly-impossible injury puzzle into a clearly defined plan of ATTACK. 

InjurVention will help you FINALLY understand:

    1. Which factors are contributing to your injury and how to most efficiently triage them,
    2. How to objectively measure these factors so you can track your progress; and most importantly…
    3. InjurVention will show you how to systematically OBLITERATE them so you can finally free up your head space to focus on the good stuff…TRAINING! 

What you'll get:

Initial Shoulder Consultation: Kickstart your transformation with a 60-minute, 1-on-1 Zoom consultation to gain insights into your unique shoulder needs and receive a tailored exercise program to address weaknesses and potential injury risks.

Individual Progress Tracking: It’s hard to track (and celebrate!) progress if you don’t know which metrics are relevant for YOU. Your post-consultation report card will break down exactly what you need to work on & how to measure it week-by-week.

Weekly Workshops: There are SO many topics to dive into throughout this 10-week course:

  • Goal Setting & Understanding Meaningful Markers of Progress
  • Lifestyle and General Training Factors
  • HRV Guided Training & Integrating Recovery Techniques into Your Routine
  • Warm-up, Cool-down, & Training Adjustments
  • Targeted Strengthening & Cross Training
  • Periodization and Sustainable Training Strategies
  • Navigating Flare-Ups

Homework Assignments: Don’t panic—you won’t be graded, and you can choose your own adventure with the homework 😉 These practical assignments ensure that you can easily integrate your newfound knowledge into your daily routine.

Unlimited Voxer Access: Have burning questions or need guidance between sessions? Enjoy unlimited access to yours truly via Voxer, ensuring you’re always on the right path.

Unlimited Form Checks: Perfect your exercise technique and progression with unlimited form checks.

Final Assessment and Post-Program Plan: Conclude your journey with a 60-minute, 1-on-1 follow-up Zoom consultation to assess your progress. Walk away with a clear plan for continued shoulder health and strength after the program ends.

This course runs from October 1st through December 9th, 2023.

Important dates and times:

Our initial kickoff workshop will be on Sunday, October 1st, at noon Pacific Time.

Following that, our weekly small group classes will convene every week on Zoom starting the week of October 8th. To accommodate students in multiple time zones, I’m offering two time slot options for these classes:

Wednesdays at 11am Pacific time, OR

Thursdays at 4pm Pacific Time

Feel free to mix and match each week based on your schedule.

Live attendance is STRONGLY encouraged:

This course thrives on real-time connection and active participation in our live Zoom workshops. The depth of knowledge and support you'll receive through real-time interaction simply can't be replicated by watching recordings alone. While recordings will be available for your convenience, the true value lies in engaging, learning, and growing together as a live community. If you know you will miss more than half of the workshops, I would kindly ask that you EITHER pass on this round OR that you email me explaining your situation so we can decide on the best course of action.